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    Milan Solutions Group is a training, consulting, coaching and customized course development organization focused on delivering solutions that address operational issues and concerns.

    Our product development has been inspired by tackling processes that inhibit ‘getting more done or working on the right stuff’.  All businesses want their staff to be productive, doing things right while providing time to innovate.  Many businesses need speed and agility to address market pressures.

    Our approach to improving the effectiveness of the process through the required business functions (i.e. strategic planning, portfolio management, project planning) allows for redesigning the way work is done to better support the organization’s mission and reduce costs while striving to achieve company goals and objectives.  We like to refer to our approach as ‘common sense’.

    We suggest you review our product and service offerings to determine if there is something that we can do to assist you and/or your staff in achieving new skills and knowledge to take you to the next level.  We are always happy to talk to interested parties.  If you would like more information on how Milan Solutions Group can assist your organization, please call 1-855-MILAN-00 (1-855-645-2600) or contact info@ceresplanningsolutions.com.

    How much does it REALLY cost to develop a project plan for the projects in your organization? Do you know? Do you want to find out? The results will surprise you.

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