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    Milan Solutions Group is quickly becoming the leader in operational efficiency.

    Milan Solutions Group was founded by senior level executives and consultants who wanted to provide products and solutions designed to increase operational efficiency. Solutions include professional training, coaching, mentoring and consulting services. By providing education and consulting services directed at a common sense approach to operational process improvement, customers are able to easily gain efficiencies while reducing risk.

    One of the premier solutions offered by Milan Solutions Group is the Ceres Advanced Planning Methodology©. This methodology has been successfully used for over ten years by organizations in varying industries to streamline strategic, program and project planning processes.

    Milan Solutions Group received exclusive education rights for this methodology due to existing innovative practices. Through the Ceres Planning Methodology™, companies can reduce planning time and increase efficiencies through collaborative planning workshops. This will allow organizations to:

    • strategically align the company’s project portfolio with business objectives, and fully define the project objectives, scope, resources, timelines and budget.

    Due to competitive industries, many organizations understand the need to plan and complete a project as soon as possible. One of the premier training courses offered by Milan Solutions Group is the “Ceres Project Planning Course”. This onsite or classroom based workshop will teach project managers and team members the process to reduce project planning time from weeks or months to only 2-3 days. This course has been designed to allow any project team member to learn the tools and techniques to minimize process while increasing planning results.

     Industry Expertise:

    Non-profit; Government, Banking, Call Centers, eCommerce, Education, Financial Services, Health Care, Hospitality, Insurance, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Publishing, Real Estate, Service, Telecommunications, Transportation, Technology, Venture Capital