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  • Return on Investment
    Traditional Planning Methods Ceres Project Planning Workshop
      Traditional Planning
    Ceres Project
    Planning Workshop
    # of participants Enter the number of project team members
    Blended Hourly Rate ($) Enter the average blended rate for all team members
    Average # of Hours for Planning(based on each individual*) Enter the average number of hours each person will use for planning. Make sure to include meetings, workshops, seminars, forms that team members will have to complete, review sessions, etc. *
    Total Cost of Planning
    SAVINGS (Per Project)
    Once your staff have been trained by one of our certified instructors, they will have the skills to facilitate a Ceres Planning Workshop and you could begin to see the potential savings per project as outlined. The cost of training will be recouped in the savings from your first project planned using the Ceres Planning Methodology.
    We can provide you with the power to achieve these results consistently for planning any project in your organization. Call or Email Us for further details or check out our upcoming public classes.