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    At Milan Solutions Group we are pleased to offer learning opportunities that make a significant difference for our clients through development of professional expertise in addition to organizational competencies and processes.

    Services that we offer in addition to our training programs are:

    1. Coaching and Mentoring — These sessions can be delivered on a one-to-one basis (mentoring) or for a group or team (coaching). Mentoring focuses on the person, their career and support for individual growth and maturity while coaching focuses on developing knowledge into skills required to meet job requirements and performance expectations.

    2. Operational Analysis — This comprehensive analysis will identify departments within the organization that are experiencing sub-optimal performance, quality management challenges, resource management issues or challenges related to operational efficiency.

    3. Change Management — Change is a critical challenge for many organizations and when not managed properly, can derail opportunities to implement new processes and/or systems. We can assist your organization with effectively preparing for change through a methodical approach which can help ensure that you have addressed all areas of implementation to include the technical and people side of change.

    4. Tools and Templates — Designing a methodology for your organization is no easy task. Ensuring that you have just the right processes and templates is essential to making sure your methodology allows the speed and agility necessary to execute and delivery on projects that add to bottom line results. Milan Solutions Group has designed a system to assist you in determining what type of methodology may work best for your organization.

    5. Custom Training Solutions — Have a specific need but available solutions do not meet your requirements. We can modify any current training offering or develop one that meets your unique business requirements. The training can be delivered at your location or offsite. Custom solutions can accommodate groups of up to 15 participants.

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