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  • Advanced Planning Solutions

    Ceres Training focuses on consistent, repeatable processes for anyone who works on or is involved with projects. Our tools and techniques minimize process while increasing results. Through the Ceres Planning Methodology™, companies can reduce planning time and increase efficiencies through collaborative planning workshops.

    Ceres Project Planning

    Project Planning continues to be a challenge for most organizations. The Ceres project planning methodology, provides you with an effective and efficient process that can produce an actionable project plan in only 2-3 days, not weeks or months.

    Ceres Program Planning

    Your program plan tracks performance to detect and measure the potential impact of component projects to the program effort and success. Ceres program planning methodology simplifies the process giving you the tools to produce a first class program plan in a few days, creating the foundation for strategic execution.

    Ceres Strategic Planning

    Projects and Programs are the incremental efforts that organizations undertake to achieve departmental or organizational goals. Those goals are derived by company leadership to attain a future state. The driver for all this effort is the Strategic Plan. Ceres Strategic Planning methodology provides a consistent, repeatable process necessary to align projects and programs with the best possible use of company resources to achieve organizational goals.

    Portfolio Training and Advanced Training

    Our Portfolio Training will center on Portfolio Administration and Portfolio Management.

    The Advanced Training courses will address soft skills necessary for growth and advancement. These courses can be valuable for anyone who wants personal development that can be implemented in any role in any organization, not just projects or program related initiatives.

    Our course developers are hard at work, building out these programs so stop by often to check on our progress in these areas.

    All Ceres Training, Portfolio Training and Advanced Training will earn you valuable Professional Development Units (PDU’s). PDUs are required by PMI in preparing for, or maintaining, a PMI certification. PMP® candidates are required to earn a minimum of 35 PDU’s gained through training in the knowledge and process areas of the PMBOK. Once certified, PMP®s must earn at least 60 PDUs every three years to retain their certification. All PDU’s towards your PMI certifications are claimed under Category B — Continuing Education offered by a University/College, or a training organization not registered with PMI.