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    Ceres Project Planning

    How do you develop a project plan? How do you know if your project plan is complete?
    How much time do you need to produce a project plan? Would you benefit in learning a planning methodology that could reduce your project planning timeline and create efficiency in your organization? Through the Ceres project planning methodology, you can produce an actionable project plan in only a few days, not weeks or months. Curious? Read more…

    Ceres Program Planning

    High quality programs do not just materialize. A program plan is more than a random list of activities or projects. Do your programs sustain the goals of the organization? Do the programs focus resources on activities that achieve business value and add to the bottom line of the organization? Can you establish your program plan to detect and measure the potential impact of component projects to the program effort and success? Ceres program planning methodology simplifies the process giving you the tools to produce a first class program plan in a few days, creating the foundation for strategic execution. Interested? Read more…

    Ceres Strategic Planning

    Does your leadership map out exactly what they want to achieve this year and beyond? Does your organization have a plan that assists company executives towards strategic decisions and actions? Is your team undertaking initiatives in line with the strategic agenda and making the best possible use of available resources? Strategic planning and the resulting strategic plan provide the mechanism to guide an organization in achieving its goals. Those goals are what will drive the use of company resources in realizing the incremental changes needed to move toward the desired future. Ceres Strategic Planning methodology provides a consistent, repeatable process necessary to align initiatives with the best possible use of company resources and achieve organizational goals. Let us show you how. Read more…